Adrien von der Weid, Metro Station, somewhere in Tokyo (can’t remember precisely where)

Dear reader(s), friend(s), family,

I would like to briefly introduce myself. My name is Adrien  and I am a 30+ yo- Swiss eCommerce consultant but also a dedicated traveler, a sports enthusiast and an assiduous motorbike driver.

In the recent past, actually for quite some time (over 10 years now), I have started to travel around to discover new places, to meet different people, to challenge my common beliefs, in other terms, to experience the world. Sometimes, I stayed only for a little while. From time to time, I had the chance to stick around for a longer time, i.e. a few months (Berlin, San Diego, Barcelona and Singapore). But in all cases, I have enjoyed it ever since.

While Facebook/Instagram & Co seem to be the most convenient way to share pictures, I have been often astonished by the number of things (cr**) some people can post on social networks. So I was looking for an alternative, maybe something a bit more “suitable” for photography, with a proper template.  I wish this blog to be a place where one can share his/her experience(s) and give feedbacks  (always thankful when someone can help me to improve myself).

Additionally, I have a passion for photography. I started as a kid in India with an analog camera (Nikon), taking pictures for and of the entire family. Since that moment, I have tried to refine my eyes to capture unique moments and to express somehow my creativity. I think creativity is a crucial part in one’s life. Fostering it can only help oneself to see things from a different perspective, to tackle issues from a different angle.

So I started this blog in 2012 with a free template and run it like that for a few years.  But in 2016, after a mind-blowing trip in Iceland, I wanted to take this blog to the next level and to professionalize with a proper template and a new web-domain. I really liked the pictures I took and the previous template was restricting my  leeway. But this current template, in my opinion, showcases the pictures better and the outcome definitely meets my expectations.

Nonetheless, even if the technology has evolved, the purpose is still the same: trying to capture an instant, an ambiance, a smile (very cliché indeed). However, I am by no means pretending to be a professional photographers neither striving to be one at that time. I am just saying that this is something that I like practicing, learning here and there as an autodidact or with the help of benevolent friends.

Anyways, I hope you will like this blog and if you plan to go/think about going to one of these places, poke me. I might have some tips for you.

Cheers, thanks for stopping by and livin’ it up

Sky’s the limit!


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Eastside Gallery, Berlin, July 2011

Halloween Party on Roppongi Hills, Tokyo.
with Yuriko, Arnaud, Gibs, Doran and a bunch of other misses and dudes! Great time!!