If I had to pick one highlight of this trip, it would be the Sunset spent on the Dune du Pilat, France.

I thought at first including this post in the main article about my road-trip in Southwestern France.

Yet, as you’ll see with the pics, it wouldn’t have done them justice. So that is why I decided to make a separate post.

Not many words this time, since a picture says more than 1000 of them, apparently 🙂

So I hope you’ll enjoy this sunset session spent on the Dune du Pilat as much as we did.

Just a side note for you. As it is often quite windy, make sure to dress accordingly. I was only wearing a fleece jacket, so not really wind-proofed, and I froze my a** off.

Additionally, wear the appropriate footwear. There are stairs to climb up, but once on top, it is real sand. So either you walk bear foot. Either you have a least a pair of sneakers.

You have a big parking on site, but it costs flat 8€. So once there, make sure to spend enough time to enjoy it.

And as usual, the lights are the best early in the morning at dawn or at dusk. As you’ll see on my pictures.

If you decide for dusk, why not having a picnic at the tope of the Dune. The romantic atmosphere will already be taken care of by the majesty of the spot. You’ll just need to bring good food/beverage.

sunset dune pilat France

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