I’m going to make a little incursion into my publication schedule. I usually try to respect the chronology of events/journeys.
However, I realize that the New Zealand posts are going to take a bit of time.

Even though the sorting of photos is slowly coming to an end, I still need to define the structure of the posts, their numbers and the narrative framework.

I also need to decide on the length of the texts, as I do tend to spread myself a bit thin.

And to top it all off, I’ll have to draw up a list of tips and tricks that I’m not short of, so that you too can benefit from my experience in the field to plan future adventures. So as not to fall too far behind schedule, I’m posting this short account of my adventures in Aquitaine, in April 2024.

Road Trip Southwestern France


After 2 months away from my better half, I couldn’t wait to see her again as soon as I got back to Europe.

Taking advantage of a sabbatical, she was just finishing a month’s stay in La Rochelle.

So we decided to meet up in Bordeaux, where we were going to spend 2 days visiting the city.

The place was no stranger to me, as I’d been there many times before. But she had not. Thus, we took advantage of the opportunity to visit the main sights.

And as usual, click on the pics to enlarge them.

Moving South

After this short stay in Bordeaux, it was time to hit the road and head South, with Biarritz as first stop for the night. The weather was a bit rainy that day, but well, on the coast, it rain comes and goes, almost as fast.

But before that, we wanted to visit Bayonne, which was a delightful surprise. Elected 2nd best city to live in France, for a reason, we really loved the colorful half-timbered facades and the overall Basque vibe. We had lunch at the Crêperie A la Bollée. So yes you’ve probably encountered the name many many time. But a savory galette stuffed with local products is always a great way to energize for the day.

Strolling the pedestrian streets of Bayonne.

So we arrived in Biarritz in the early afternoon, dropped our stuff at the Hotel Windsor Biarritz, and then head for a coveted slice of Gateau Basque at Miremont.

After a stroll in the city, we had a great dinner at Chez Albert, a very famous address for all fish lovers, located on the harbour.

Heading South(er)

After a solid buffet breakfast at the hotel, we took the car and drove all the way to St-Jean de Luz. I had reminiscence of it when I went their as a kid, back in 1989.

Road Trip Southwestern France
La plage de St-Jean de Luz

Road Trip Southwestern France

Heading back North

It was time to drive back a little North. We were a bit indecisive on where exactly. And our hearts swayed between Hossegor and Arcachon. We could have stayed a night in each but we felt like staying two nights at the same spot, so that we didn’t have to repack each time. So we finally opted for Arcachon.

Yet I still felt like making a stop in Hossegor. It was still the early season, but I really like the vibe.

Despite a complicated beginning of the Season, in term of weather, the city was already fizzing, preparing the summer season. It was cloudy when we arrived (1st picture below), and see how the sky cleared up like literaly 15 minutes later.

Ending the trip in Arcachon

Last leg of this roadtrip was Arcachon. We stayed at Arc Hotel. Well this hotel didn’t age well and looked really old fashion. Yet it was quite central, clean, offered free parking.

Highlight of this part was a 2h cruise on the Bassin d’Arcachon (more info here). We boated towards Dune du Pilat and then along the Cap Ferret Peninsula and ended at île des Oiseaux.

Otherwise a stroll in the Quartier de la Ville d’Hiver to admire the very nice historic houses is worth.

And if you want to treat yourself, book at table at Ko-Sometsuke. Just great! And if it’s good enough for the Michelin Guide, it is good enough for me 😉

This is where we end this road trip in the Southwestern Region of France.

I wanted to include also the sunset session on the Dune du Pillat. But I think it deserves a post on its own.

Click -> here <- to have a look.