The good thing about living in Singapore is that you can jump on a plane on a Friday afternoon and two hours later, you land in another amazing country. And Vietnam was definitely on top of my bucket list.

I am, first of all, keen on their food. Literally! I’m indulging almost every week one of their yummy soup, the Pho Bo.  It is almost obsessive.

And in my mind, the country was still in an early stage of development, not totally spoilt by mass tourism. Which is still true to some extent, even though there are really touristy places. But let’s leave that for another discussion.

So here was the deal. On the way, I made a stop (one day/two nights) in Ho Chi Minh City to visit one of my workmate. Well the city doesn’t boast a lot of attractions, so it was plenty enough to cover the main sights (the opera and the post office). And that’s why I spend most part of the day on an old Vespa Px, cruising the countryside along the Mekong Delta. It was really great.

And the day after, I headed to Hoi An where I spent the rest of the time, and I loved it. On the menu:  chilling at the beach, cooking class, suit tailoring. It is really chip and so efficient. Basically you show them a picture of what you want and within 1-2 days they get it made to measure for you.

And of course I indulged tons and tons of Vietnamese food. So the perfect blend…


I hope you’ll enjoy the few snapshots of the trip.