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Dear visitor,

My name is Adrien and I am Swiss digital entrepreneur. I founded in 2018 Cruizador, the 1st Swiss digital motorbike rental platform. But I’m also a dedicated traveler and a sports enthusiast. 

For quite some time (over 15 years now), I have started to travel around to discover new places, to meet different people, to challenge my common beliefs, in other terms, to experience the world. Often, I stayed only for a little while. From time to time, I had the chance to stick around for a longer time, either for my academics or for work. But in all cases, I have enjoyed it ever since.

Additionally, I have a passion for photography. I started as a kid in India in 1992 with an analog camera (Nikon), taking pictures for and of the entire family. Since that moment, I have tried to refine my eyes to capture unique moments and to express somehow my creativity, which is, in my opinion, a crucial part in one’s life.

Nonetheless, even if the technology/material have evolved, and my skills improved, the purpose is still the same: trying to capture an instant, an ambiance, a smile and sharing moments, as humans bearing many differences but also embodying shared values

About 10 years ago, I started blogging to present digitally what my eyes had produced. And the feedbacks I got kind of encouraged me to take it a slightly more professional level and to confront my work to a slightly broader audience. So here I am, with the new website, displaying my portfolio, and the dedicated online print shop where you can, in a few clicks, order made-to-order prints, wish cards and occasionally seasonal items (a.o. calendars). 

So I hope you will enjoy it. Don’t hesitate to hit me up with feedbacks/questions. I am always grateful for this! 

Cheers & thanks for stopping by!





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How do I spend my time now?

Being an entrepreneur certainly is a full time job, especially in the early beginnings, when you have to hustle and multitask day in and day out to make your project strive.  

However, photography is a passion of mine that not only combines well with other passions, such as traveling, but also helps me in my daily  life; seeing things from different perspectives, approaching problem with a fresh new eye. 

So when I’m not behind my laptop (or in-between), you will find me hopping on my motorcycle to go on an adventure, or catching a plane/a train to visit friends or discover new places.

Last but not least, since I’m taking, according to people, decent pictures , I carry out from time-to-time photographic assignments.

Recent Travels

You will find, below, my latest contributions. Feel free to browse my portfolio using the main menu. 

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