Hong Kong Skyline by night

Hong Kong Skyline by night

On my way to Beijing,  I managed to squeeze 4 days in HK. On a Friday night, I landed in a spot that literally blew my mind. Coming from Singapore, I thought that it wouldn’t be such a change of scenery…

But I literally fell in love Hong Kong. Good vibes, good food, nice people. The city being so densely constructed, you are forced to adopt new perspective and to look for things in the height. I mean, as a Westerner and mostly as a Swiss, you are not used to take a lift and to go to the 18th floor of a building to buy your bread. But here in HK, since every m2 is so expensive, there are only a few that can afford a spot in a prime location (ground level).


But still, it was a great (too short) stay but I definitely want to come back anytime soon.

I hope you like the few snapshots here after.

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