50 Shades of overwhelming-ness  

One thing that left a strong mark on me during this trip were most probably the first and the last hours of the day. 

In Iceland, you can see combination of colors that you have never seen before. It is maybe one of the few places on earth where you can spot a black sand beach with icebergs on it and a glaring sun.

In November, the daylight lasts from roughly 10am to 4:30pm. And during the first hour of the day or just before sunset, you can observe subtle shades in the sky. Follows then a fascinating harmony between the sky, the sea and the land.

The pictures you’ll see below were slightly post prod edited but I swear, they embody perfectly what my eyes saw. I hope you’ll like ’em.


Super Moon, on the road to Jökulsarlon



Reynisfjara shore




Sunset in Vik

If you want a little soundtrack to accompany you on this next leg, I leave you with James Blake and Bon Iver

James Blake and Bon Iver – I need a forest fire

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