My journey throughout Southern Iceland has reached its end, unfortunately. It’s been truly mind-blowing!

The days were short, the night quite long (you can tell by the rings under my eyes).

I’ll say it upfront: What a country, worth every single sleepless night, frozen tips, etc..

First, I had objectives, some sort of a a bucket-list of things I wanted to see or experience. But quickly, Mother Nature and its strength supplanted all the rest. They swept away all of my belief and took me on an almost mystical journey. What if I had not spotted Northern Lights? Would I be disappointed? Most probably not. I’ve seen so many incredible things that, after all, I had more than plenty for my money.

And I have rarely seen such extraordinary and ever changing scenery! The funny thing is that usually, when you photograph landscape, you want to take your shots in full width. But as I’m browsing through my pictures, I can notice that most of them were taken in vertical format. Because rarely in my life I’ve seen such a perfect harmony between the sky, the sea and the land. That says it all! I hope you’ll have the chance to discover it by yourself! For me it’s been a revelation!
My journey took me mostly to the Southern coast but I’ll be back to explore the North! For sure!
It’s been roughly 10 days but it feels like a month.

Below, you can find my personal favorites. Kind of hard to make a selection among so many great landscapes. But I tried to narrow the list down to roughly 30 pics.  I hope you’ll like the “few” I picked!

As usual, click on the thumbnail to enlarge and start the slideshow.

And for the musical ambiance, I’ll leave you once again with Bon Iver (video clip was shot in Iceland)

Bon Iver – Holocene 

One love!

Thx for watching/commenting/sharing

Stay tuned for the next adventure! Don’t know where it will take me but I am already excited about it!