It has sort of become my own tradition to close a chapter of a trip…

And to do so, I short-list roughly  30-35 pictures of my favorite ones. It might sound like a lot, but considering that I had 5’000+ at the beginning, I think it is after all pretty reasonable right?

So what do you think? You like my selection?

And most important, will you make the trip to Ethiopia to see this amazing country by yourself? I hope so…

I have been in many places (mostly in Asia though), some with very different living standards than what I am accustomed to (somebody said Swiss kid)? But rarely in my life have I been in contact with such a different mindset.

Though I deeply believe that you need to be pushed out of your confort zone from time-to-time to challenge your common believes, see things from a different perspective and re-adjust your life ambitions. And I think I can tell that, after roughly a month in the country, I have achieved this goal to a large extent.

What’s next now? I don’t know but stay tuned as I am sure it will be memorable again.

Thanks for reading, commenting, sharing, etc. I have reached the 20’000 views milestone a few months ago and all this wouldn’t be possible with you. So yes it sounds cheesy but I really appreciate your support over the time. Take good care and talk to you soon!



Picture Gallery

Here are my favorites! Hope you’ll like the selection (click to enlarge).