Heading south to Australia to spend a week there. Probably one of the highlights of my trips. The country being so big, I wish I could have stayed longer, of course. But let’s put it that way, I had a very pleasant foretaste and I’ll definitely make my way back to OZ…


On the way in, I managed to squeeze in a 24h stay in Sydney. Didn’t see much though (only usual picks such as Opera, Harbour Bridge, etc.) but I could get at least a little bit of the vibe of the city, which is absolutely great. People are laid back and friendly. I spotted a lot of nice bars and restaurants, hipster shops, etc.. Btw. I’ve also heard a great deal about Melbourne but I’ll leave that for the next trip.

The day after, I headed North East to Cairns to spend a week on…the Great Barrier Reef! On the menu: scuba diving, snorkeling, wildlife, flyover the Great Barrier and as a cherry on top of the cake a road-trip on a Harley along the coast on the Cook Highway. What a blast!

I know it is far away, I know Australia is not the cheapest place on earth, but we don’t know how long this ecosystem is going to last (I witnessed a lot of dead corals, mostly killed by human activity). So go there, and if you do, make sure you book your cruise/tour/etc. via sustainable and eco-responsible agencies: e.g. sailing might be a little be slower that cruising on a motorboat, but this is also fun;-)!

Sailing on the Great Barrier

Here after, a few snapshots of this week. I hope you’ll like them as much as I did.


Cruising on the Cook Highway on a HD Dyna

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