In May 2016, a close friend of mine, Miko, got married in Italy, in the Tuscany region.


Michael and his wife, Marie

Hence, I took a few days off before and after the wedding to drive through those beautiful landscapes. On the agenda, besides one of the greatest wedding I attended, good food and wine, nice scenery and of course, a little bit of culture.



Duomo, Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore

My journey took me to:

  • Siena,
  • Montepulciano and
  • Firenze.

I wish I had more time to spend a little more time in the different spots but let’s put it this way, I had a very pleasant foretaste. On top, next time, I’ll avoid the Pentecost week-end if I ever go back to Firenze. It was so packed you have no idea. And now I understand why so many museums ban selfie-sticks. It was literally impossible to find an empty spot to take a snap or two. And note for yourself, if you plan to go there over a crowded week-end, make sure to book all your museum tickets in advance!

Here after, a few snapshots. Good memories indeed!! Hope you’ll like them.

2016-05-16 18.48.23.jpg

Spending the night at Lungarno Collection Hotel (owned by the Ferragamo’s Family), #treat

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