Spending a few days in Bangalore for one of our closest friend’s wedding, we took the opportunity to travel around for a week or so. Here after, a few snapshots of this incredible country, even though they  can barely describe what one actually experiences when visiting India.

This country is just an explosion of everything: colors, noise and sounds, crowd, smells (often amazing like spices, sometimes awful like pollution or detritus), tastes, opulence and absolute poverty. To truly understand this country one has to a large extent to overcome the contradictions.

Our Itinerary was the following: from Bangalore, the Indian best-known city for IT, we passed by Mysore on our way to the Nagarhole National Park, where we went on a safari. Then on the way to Kundapura we spent the night in the Mountain in Madikeri. We left early in the morning and headed to Kundapura (12-hours ride!!), where we slept for three nights and visited a few temples in the area (Belur or Halebidu e.g.). Finally we headed back to Bangalore where we spent the rest of our journey.