Back to the Country of the Rising Sun

After a first 2-weeks stay in 2009 with my cousin Arnaud, where I had my head literally blown away, I was dying to come back.

And finally in 2012, after a one-week study tour in Singapore, I hopped on a plane to land 6 hours later, at Narita International airport. 

And I can say that this second trip didn’t disappoint at all. This country keeps surprising me again and again. And even if you go to the same place, you still get amazed by the beauty of the landscape, the peacefulness of the shrines, the friendliness of the people. 

On the menu this time,

  • Tokyo (again)
  • Kyoto (again)
  • Kinosaki Onsen, Hyogo
  • Nikko

Bucket-list packed, we’ll shorten the sleeping time and manage to squeeze as much as possible.  

Anyways, the more time I spend in this country, the more I want to explore it. Thus, next trip to be scheduled, soon!!!