Nov 29th, 4:00PM, Ayarwaddy Riverbanks

I’ve reached my last stop-over in Burma. The program for those four last days in Mandalay is still open even though I know what I definitely want to see: U-Bein Bridge, Inwa, Sagaing

The transition from Bagan is somehow hard. From a peaceful, quite and spiritual area, I’m landing in a crowded, polluted and humid city, consisting of a disordered assembly of buildings. I am missing the “roten Faden” in a way. Nevertheless, I’m feeling quite at home in this place. So I drop my bags and stuff at the hotel and start exploring the city, looking for a nice place to eat.

I’m sure I will make the most out of it, already fearing the departure.


Monk, early morning, U-Bein Bridge

Monk, early morning, U-Bein Bridge


Novice, small break between the morning lessons, Bagaya Monastery

Novice, enjoying a small break between two morning lessons, Bagaya Monastery

Let there be light

Adrien von der Weid, Inwa Monastery, Myanmar (Nov 2014)

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