Paris Paris and Bellagio

Paris Paris and Bellagio

Part I: Death Valley and Las Vegas

It’s been 4 years since I left California after my exchange semester @ UCSD. I missed it so much but eventually, I managed to make my way back to California.

A friend of mine, Diego WestD, a music producer from Switzerland, was studying at the SAE San Francisco for a couple of months. The opportunity was to big, I couldn’t miss it.

During a month, I toured most of my favorite spots on the West Coast. I landed in SF, where I spent 2 days. I picked up my mate Diego WestD. We hit the road California Style and cruised throughout the Death Valley and ended up in Vegas. What a coincidence!

Well, all things considered, Vegas was not the worst place to spend Christmas, especially since we were by ourselves. We spent an interesting Christmas in Vegas, not the one I was used to celebrate at home. But still, we had a blast.

After 2 days in Vegas, we decided that we had enough and headed to Southern California (Part II, forthcoming).

Here are a few snapshots! I hope you’ll like it!