I was a bit reluctant at first to make a contribution solely about African sunrises and sunsets…

Albeit sunset snaps proliferate all over social networks and become kind of cheesy with the time being, African dawns and dusks are something that you will rarely see somewhere else.

It can be paradoxical but colours are really powerful yet the shades are subtile at the same time. The combination of both is imbued with poetry and magic.

Sunset in Keta Muluga

African sunset, near Agaro, Omoria Region, Ethiopia

Nature literally blasts you in the face in an orgasmic explosion of hues.

You end up with your breath being taken away, soaking up the moment wishing it never ends.

Sunset at Lake Awasa

Sunset at Lake Awasa

I hope the few pictures afterward depict the magical extravaganza to some extent. But of course, it is worth seeing with your own eyes. I’m sure the locals will be thrilled to host you.

Take good care and talk to you soon.


P.S. What about a soundtrack to tune in to? The Blaze – Breath