1264 days separate precisely this post from the last one, funnily also in Marrakech

Why so long?

Well in those 1260+ days, tons of things happened, which could explain, to a large extent, why it took so much time to update the blog. 

A world pandemic, that prevented us from traveling the way we used to and most probably that encouraged us to reconsider our relationship with the world. 

The willingness to take on less the plane, to limit more my carbon footprint and be more aligned with my beliefs…

Not that I have not been out and about, discovering new places and meeting new people. But mostly on my motorcycle, so with limited camera gears, i.e. most of the time just my smartphone!

And significantly the ups and downs of bootstrapping a start-up as a sole founder. 

All this lead to a certain lack of time to take picture or better said to be in the mood to take picture. 

What I had discovered in my picture taking process is that good pictures are being taken when you are in a certain state of mind. And to reach it, you have to go through certain phases!

A bit like the phases you have to go through in order to reach a deep sleep. And this takes time. 

Additionally, once the pictures are taken, the work is not done, by far!

You have to sort them, short list them, edit them, and put them in an order that makes sense, at least to you. 

And only then, you can start to put down your feelings on paper, to express why the pictures you selected, that represent a special moment you lived, did make the cut. 

So as you can imagine, curating a Blog takes time!

Why now? 

But luckily, my business is seasonal! We will not pretend that one can ride a motorcycle in Switzerland all year around 😉

That’s one of the main drawback of the business model. 

Yet it also means that I can dedicate myself to other tasks during the low season and allocate my (time) resources differently. 

And here we are!

So I hope you’ll enjoy this new post for my return on Califonzycation. 

Why Marrakech?

To give you a little back story, I took the opportunity to visit my business partner, Nabil, in Marrakech after 4 years. 

He’s the genius coder behind Cruizador and we spend countless hours on the phone, implementing new features, improving UX/UI, solving bugs, etc. And with the time being, we became more than just business partner but close friends. 

I know his family, his life and professional struggles. And he knows mine. 

So for all this reasons, it was worth for me to take the plane again for the first time in 4 years, pack presents for him and his family and head to Morocco

Not to mention that we of course talk about the future of Cruizador and what we want to work on when we meet up. Yet, we also spend a great amount of time bonding with the entire family, indulging great Maroccan food, his Wife Nadia and his Mum are great Cheffes, and wondering through this great city of Marrakech. 

So yes, I felt great to be back in this special place. 

What to expect?

But this time, unlike the first two trips, I decided to stick around a bit longer, 10 days in total, to have enough time to road-trip to the coast and visit Essaouria and the surroundings. 

So this new photo dump will be a four parter. 

  1. We’ll spend the first few days in Marrakech
  2. Then we’ll head to Mogador/Essaouira, on the coast (click here)
  3. Finally, we’ll be back in Marrakech to start the Ramadan with my friends
  4. And as a little icing on the cake, I’ve curated a special selection of the best sunset on the Coast

So sit back, relax and enjoy the trip. 

And again, thanks for stopping by, reading along, and taking the time

Much love

Your devoted 

Ready to rumble?

Here is the first photo dump.

Here, you’ll see a bit of the night life in the Medina, a bit of the Jemaa el-Fna Square, and a few street portraits and some strolling around. Just as an appetizer, to get you in the mood too.

But do not worry. There is more to come, in the next days…or so!

I hope you’ll like it. Pinch to enlarge