If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you know that it is sort of a tradition to leave you with an uplifting/inspiring note.

And even though I haven’t travelled the African continent extensively…yet, one thing I could witness every time I’ve been there was the beauty of the sunsets. Something I experienced in the past in Ethiopia for instance.

Looking at the out-of-this-world beauty, the intensity of the colors, the magnitude of it is something that will leave no-one untouched or indifferent. Personally, it’s something that moves me deeply every time.

So I will leave you with a few pictures that were taken either in Marrakech but mostly the last evening in Essaouira to end this Moroccan trip.

To give you a bit of a back story, I was chilling on the roof top of the hotel, enjoying life and having a drink.

Yet, I had the feeling in my guts that something was special that day.

Dilemma…stay here and enjoy from the distance or go and see?

But like often in life, you have to make tough decision. Either keep relaxing or kicking you in the butt to potentially get something of higher magnitude.

And like almost every time in my short picture-taking career, the best pictures I took were always the results of taking the right decision at the right time. Of leaving the relative comfort of the moment to achieve something greater down the line.

And this is what I did this time too. I dropped everything I was (not) doing, got my camera, made sure it had enough battery, and went for a hunt.

And the result speaks for itself!

So if I can give you one piece of advice is to trust your guts and an oops is always better than a what if!

So what are your thoughts? Was it a wise decision?

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